pros and cons of technology classroom


Pros and cons of technology in the classroom

Ok, I may be a bit biased in writing this post, but I don’t really see the cons of technology use in the classroom to hold much substance.


A con stated by some is the distraction level contributed to the use of technology.  I have to disagree, with proper classroom management and monitoring distraction is less than without the use of provided technology, because if they aren’t using your computer or device, you can bet the students will  be using their own.


The same goes for cheating, with a proper class attitude and setup, cheating can be culled to a minimum, but this requires effort.  The amount of effort is no more than the diligence required from before technology was there in the first place.

Being Social

The disconnect here from reality is huge, technology bridges students together in interactions that they would never have done before.  From randomly generating teams, to group collaboration, technology is a means to unite learners.

Taking the emotional/personal connection (Heart) out of the classroom

Oh for crying out loud, you can connect to students immediately via messaging and chat to give them one on one assistance.  Many of those same students who will send you a message about helping on question number two would never raise their hand or talk in class for various reasons.

Quality of their sources

This responsibility falls on the backs of the teachers in the classroom.  You guide them to the correct portion of the internet to find what they need, not give them google and say good luck.  Point them to google scholar instead. 😉

Lesson planning is harder

You’re doing it wrong.  If anything with usage of technology tools, you should have more information, more insight to your students learning progress than ever before.

Equal access to resources

Again, you’re doing it wrong.  A $70 android tablet reaches the same google as a $500 iPad.  The waste is atrocious in education, and there is nothing like slapping a beautiful educational distribution of a free operating system of your choice to make an old computer blaze trails into learning

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